Erick Lefkofsky Offers Cancer Related Solutions

The Cancer statistics in America are alarming. In 2014 alone, 14. 5 million Americans had cancer. The high statistics indicate that everyone knows someone who has had to fight the killer disease. Although we hope the situation would improve, the National Cancer Institute predicts that the number of people suffering from cancer will rise to almost 15 million by 2024. Consequently, there has been an urgent need to cancel the figures and ensure that more people are cancer free. People like Eric Lefkofsky have vowed to provide the best advancement in technology that would make diagnoses and treatment faster and more effective.

Eric Lefkofsky had always assumed that the American Health System was very advanced and up-to-date with the latest technology. Hence, he was utterly shocked when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and he noticed the system was very poor in terms of advancement. Erick decided to offer a solution to the problems, especially in terms of data collection and record keeping in cancer and other sections. Tempus Technologies Company is the solution that was provided by Erick.

Tempus Company has a vision of changing the way cancer care is provided to patients in the hospitals. Tempus offers a platform that analysis the clinical data and the molecular information of a patient in an effective manner. As the practitioners pair more and more data from patients, there is hope that secrets of how to combat cancer will be discovered. Since the information is updated often, doctors will easily make decisions about cancer and other conditions, reducing the level of infection and what Eric knows.

Nevertheless, developing the Tempus program was not easy as it faced some major challenges. However, these are combated with the advancement of knowledge on a daily basis and his Facebook.

Eric Lefkofsky

Erick thrives in technology related matters. He is the founder and co-founder of many technology firms and organizations including Tempus, Groupon, Lightbank, and Uptake Technologies. Mainly, he provides solutions in any field where he notices a technological gap and more information click here.

Erick and his wife Liz run the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which they launched in 2006. The foundation is focused on funding high impact initiatives that improve societal life.

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Aloha Construction, the Best Home Repair Company around Lake Zurich


Aloha Construction Inc. is an ideal option when it comes to hiring home repair services. It devotes to hiring the right people to do the right job. Aloha Construction offers an array of specialized services related to roofing, home siding, window and door installation or replacement, and guttering. In short, if you want to know anything about home repair, contact Aloha Construction for more information. The company’s undying devotion to excellent service delivery can be attributed to Mr. Dave Farbaky, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, Farbaky has ensured that Aloha works only with experienced and highly trained professionals.


For nearly ten years, Aloha Construction has gallantly offered home repair services to thousands of residents in Illinois and Wisconsin. Today, the company boasts of having completed over 18,000 home repair projects successfully. That shows how the company values the importance of delivering high-quality services to its clients. Aloha Construction’s headquarters is situated in Lake Zurich but runs an office at Bloomington.


The Lake County is often affected by storms. As such, you need Aloha Construction to solve your problems. Natural disasters and hail winds are some of the problems that just don’t go away. As a result, CEO, Mr. Dave Farbaky chose Lake Zurich as the headquarters in an attempt to reach out to clients in the time of a natural calamity. Aloha Construction’s core business is to help residents of Illinois overcome problems caused by natural disasters.


Aloha Construction is a family-owned company. Over time, it has grown to a national brand. Aloha Construction’s team of specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, inspectors, and office staff have worked hard to complete over 18, 000 local projects. Over time, the company has transformed from a small construction company into a globally recognized home repair contractor.


Karl Heideck Sheds Some Light On Litigation Career

Litigation attorneys represent criminal clients, individuals who are filing injury claims, real estate firms, and a host of other clients. The main work of litigation attorneys is to prepare cases for trial. However, it is known that up to 90 percent of the cases do not proceed to trial; instead, they are settled out of court. In a criminal proceeding, a defendant takes a plea deal. In other cases such as a real estate, personal injury and other civil cases, the plaintiff often accepts a settlement.

Karl Heideck, a renowned lawyer serving Philadelphia notes that most of the civil litigation lawyers work for law firms. Some of the litigators may work in boutique law firms while others have a private practice. Karl notes that most of the law firms have various departments and sub-departments for real-estate, business, patents and other types of law.

Karl Heideck also notes that while a number of lawyers work in the private sector, there are those who work for the government. Most of the government lawyers serve in criminal law as district attorneys and prosecutors.

Besides, some companies are large enough to employ their lawyers. Large financial institutions and insurance companies may also have their litigators who represent them in legal matters. Big companies may employ a number of litigators who work on cases while being supervised by more senior lawyers.

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According to Karl Heideck, when a lawyer picks a new case, the first begins with preliminary investigations. They collect the necessary documents such as witness statements, medical records, and any other relevant evidence that would help them to build the case. Once they have all the materials, the legal attorney then tries to contact the legal representative of the other party as they try to come to a consensus. If they reach an agreement, then there is no need to file the case before a court of law. If they don’t agree, then a case is filed in court.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a renowned lawyer specializing in compliance and risk management. He currently serves in the larger Philadelphia area and has a huge experience in handling various cases in his specialization. He is currently listed with the Hire Council where he has been a member since the year 2015.

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Securus Technologies – Meeting the Communication Needs of Inmates Perfectly

One of the companies that are well-known for innovating and modernizing the prison technology and correctional industry is Securus Technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is amongst the top few correctional companies that offer a vast array of products and services for the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers are greatly benefitted by the investigative solutions and services it provides, such as Investigation PRO and LBS.


Such services provide information that helps the officers to catch the criminals from their location and see if any mischievous activities are happening inside the jail like drug or gun paddling. Such incidents are quite common, but from the time Securus Technologies has offered its technology, criminals are having a tough time materializing their crimes. The information provided by Securus Technologies is also used by the law enforcement officers as evidence to make their case stronger in the court of justice, making it impossible for the criminals to get away with their actions.


Over a million prisoners in North America rely on Securus Technologies for their communication needs. The inmate communication services of Securus Technologies are known to be highly reliable, economical, and innovative. The services have a very secure network, and the calls do not drop as often it breaks of other service providers as commonly complained by the customers of other inmate communications company. Securus Technologies also helps the inmates to receive or send money with ease from the prison itself through its money transfer service.


The services of Securus Technologies are greatly appreciated by the law enforcement officers across the country. Many of these officers write letters or send an email to the company writing positively about the company and recognizing its services to the law enforcement sectors. Many of these letters were partly published by the company in a news release online to show the world the contributions of the Securus Technologies to the correctional industry.


Equities First Holdings Providing Affordable Loans to Businesses

Some of the key tasks for every business include managing of assets and liabilities. For every profit-making business to sustain their earning status, they should balance the two and ensure there is proper cash flow. More so, proper managing of working capital becomes essential as that prevents your business from becoming bankrupt, and at the same time, giving it the capacity to handle necessities and expenses. Small businesses are commonly the most affected when it comes to matters of working capital, handling cash flow, and paying off expenses. Equities First is currently running various offices over the world where it offers potential investors with stock-based advances. Stock loans come with small interest proportions, and the company is currently registering a high percentage of borrowers who are applying for the loans.

Equities First will give you guidelines on how to manage your finances and still keep your business developing. Capital management incorporates proper handling of short and long-term liabilities. On the other hand, the working capital aspects entail handling of short-term loans, dealing with goods and services offered on credit, or dealing with merchandise purchased using loans. The entire progress entails management of business cash-flow on monthly, weekly, and daily criteria by handling debts, and at the same time, generating profits for your business and what Equities First knows.

The main objective of Equities First is to ensure that your startup is well financed- giving it the financial power to grow and develop to sustainable levels. Several small businesses face bankruptcy when they have insufficient working capital that restricts them from handling their day-to-day operations or when the current debts outweigh their cash at hand. As the pioneer in alternative loaning services, Equities First ( is a reliable source of getting loans for high-net-worth people in need of urgent and affordable working capital. For businesses that are struggling to keep off, Equities First will aid your firm to stand again.

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