Securus Technologies and The Impact of Its Expertise

Securus Technologies has been a leader in the communications industry for a long time. They provide communications for correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement. They currently provide services to over 3,400 of these organizations and over 1.2 million inmates all over North America.


Having a reliable means of communication for inmates to their families on a regular basis means a lot to incarcerated people. It is actually the lifeblood of their existence in many situations. Studies that have been conducted over the past 40 years or so have pointed out that inmates who have firm connections on the outside of prison that they can communicate with often, makes it much better for them when they are released.


This is simply because they become more adapted to life outside of the prison atmosphere because of a steady exposure to it through their contact and relationship with outside people with whom they are close.


Inmates have use of several choices of plans including collect calls, inmate pay, advance pay, and regular monthly pay, the latter two which are usually paid for by family or benefactors. There is also email and voicemail, in case the inmate is away from the phone and there is a money transfer feature as well.


One feature that has both inmates and family in a state of happiness is the video conferencing mode. Prisoners and their family members can communicate as usual and they can see each other as well. It is just like being together physically and it saves the family time and trouble of having to travel to the correctional facility and wait in line for a visiting area.


Securus also does quite a bit of work for communities in the areas of their law enforcement and safety departments. It is important for these entities to be on the same page and have instant communications ability in case of emergencies.


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