Michael Phelps Aims To Increase Access to Therapy With Talkspace

There are many challenges that stop people from getting therapy when they need it. One of the challenges is access. The unfortunate fact is that a lot of people do not have access to therapy because they don’t have the money or the time. Michael Phelps is one of the people who could easily get therapy because he had the money. However, given that he had mental health struggles, he feels for people who have similar or even worse struggles than he has gone through with no therapy and other forms of help available. This has inspired him to partner with Talkspace in order to let people know of the increased access they have to therapy. Follow Talkspace on Twitter.

Talkspace is a digital therapy platform for people who struggle with mental health but can’t go to traditional therapy for certain reasons. Talkspace offers people to get therapy over the phone. This helps them with any mental health issue they may be struggling with. For instance, when people struggle with debilitating depression, they can get some insights that can help them move forward with their goals. With text therapy, they can get a taste of the therapy they need in the case that they are not able to get other forms of therapy.

Talkspace is passionate about not only giving people therapy but also calling attention to many of the different issues in the world that can contribute or even cause mental health issues. They are making it clear that each case of a mental disorder is its own individual case and should be treated as such. This approach can help people dig deep into the mental disorder in order to find the root of the mental disorder. It is when they solve the deep root of the mental disorder that they can recover from it.

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