Rocketship Education: A Leading Educational Institution

The Rocketship Education is one of the most popular alternative learning institutions in the United States. Originating in the state of California, the educational system has opened more than a dozen branches across the country, helping less fortunate families send their children in a highly competitive school. The Rocketship Education prioritizes their students’ skills and talents, and they do not focus solely on their academics. Because of the lower tuition fee at the Rocketship Education affiliated schools, many families have decided to send their children to these schools, and they are satisfied with their learning. There are also school vouchers handed out to families who do not have any means to pay for the tuition fee, ensuring them that their children could attend the school without thinking for any finances.

Students who have studied in a Rocketship Education affiliated school have posted high scores on their national assessment tests, and their marks are impressive, as they beat some of the top schools in their districts, states and even in their regions. As the Rocketship Education becomes more popular across the country, critiques are starting to point out different issues surrounding the management of the school. The most frequent complaints about the school management would be the management inside the classroom, the overuse of technology, and the intervention of parents in the learning processes inside the classrooms.

According to the management of the school system, their schools are designed to be interactive, and they believe that using technology would help the children develop their skills well. They also refuted the fact that their students are overexposed to technologies, saying that they are strict when it comes to the number of hours permitted for a student to use their gadgets. The school management also said that the classroom management does not have any issues because they employ competitive teachers and instructors who know how to handle the school children well. They are also proud of their teachers, stating that there are annual visits to their student’s home to study and observe their private lives, and to help them generate an effective strategy on how their students would learn using what they have observed.

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