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Shafik Sachedina was born in the Tanzanian capital of Dar-es-Salaam in 1950. He relocated to London in the same year, sought British citizenship, and pursued dental surgery at the University of London. Shafik graduated in 1975. Together with co-director Shiraz Boghani who has expansive experience in hotel management, Shafik Sachedina began the first Sussex Healthcare facility in 1985. The company majors in the operation of facilities for elderly people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and younger people suffering from neurological conditions. Over 20 amenities operate under the company today including a chain of residential, daycare and gym facilities. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Shafik Sachedina is a former president of the Ismaili Council of Britain. Today, he serves as an active participant of the Ismaili society, heading the Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of The Aga Khan. He has other various roles including, chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, and a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum.

Shafik Sachedina led the company to accreditation in 2002 by the Health Quality services. In 2003, the company achieved the Investors in People Standard. The company accomplished the International Standard certification in 2005, thus being recognized for dual accreditation and ranked the best home care provider in Sussex. Shafik has led the company in providing quality care to aging individuals across Sussex, offering a safe and fostering environment, and home to individuals with cognitive disabilities. He saw the niche understood the growing demand for constant caregiving and nursing facilities that individuals would not provide due to work commitments.

The facility offers activities to beneficiaries such as quizzes, handicrafts, cookery, music and movement, and art therapy. Under Shafik Sachedina’s reign, Sussex Healthcare facility has had qualified nursing staff and thereby offering services such as reflexology, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy. Young people such as children living with autism have benefited from the facility through the Treehouse Educare facility and go to New Barn School which offers 52-week placements to the students. Shafik has led the company to be one of the best dental providers, offering both cosmetic and clinical treatments. The residential facilities manage a traditional, calm atmosphere with modest, and contemporary technology. These amenities offer expert nursing attention around-the-clock for persons living in the facility.

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Alex Pall Tells his Story to Interview Magazine

The Chainsmokers, which consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, released their first major hit in 2014 with “#Selfie.” Other loose singles, like “Paris,” led up to the release of their debut album Memories…Do Not Open.

“Closer” is their greatest hit to date. It was release in 2014 and went diamond 2 years later. Halsey, who joined Taggart and Pall on “Closer,” teamed up with the duo again. This time it was on Instagram. They simultaneously posted pictures of their newly minted diamond plaques.

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“Closer” was a huge moment for The Chainsmokers. It cemented them on the airwaves both domestic and international. After the release of the song, Taggart and Pall sat down with Interview Magazine.

The conversation began with Pall explaining his life prior to joining up with Taggart. He was DJing around the New York Area and found himself in an art gallery. It was here that he determined music was controlling his life, and it was time to take it seriously as a career.

Andrew Taggart, an intern at Interscope Records, was attending college in Maine. He began to DJ when he noticed that many at his university were making decent money by performing at parties. Through Interscope Records, he was introduced to Alex Pall.

Upon their introduction, due to their chemistry, they began making music. Long hours led to a plethora of songs. They began to flood the airwaves in 2014. They released single after single until their debut album. More recently, they have released darker songs like “Sick Boy.” Aside from “Closer,” this is the biggest change in their sound.

“Closer” was such a drastic change because it was Taggart’s debut as singer. According to The Chainsmokers, their method of adapting mainstream popularities to their own style is key to maintaining momentum.

They also use social media to connect with their fans. Pall said Instagram allows him to see exactly where and who his fans are.

Dherbs Cleanse the Body and Improves Lives

A.D. Dolphin runs the herbal supplement company called Dherbs. He is the creator, coach, and CEO from Los Angeles, CA. Dolphin has been featured on many daytime talk shows and his celebrity clients include Steve Harvey, Niecy Nash, Anthony Anderson, Brandy, Sherri Shepherd, Shemar Moore, Elise Neal, and Roland Martin. He has appeared on shows like “The Real,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” and “News one.” These herbs cleanse the body and colon. More specifically, it improves the blood, heart, liver, lungs, kidney, colon and skin.

According to Dherbs Inc., a full body cleanse makes people feel better. It is like cleaning a car and changing the oil. The supplements clean the body, making it run better. The detox protocol is made up of six formulas to improve different areas of the body. There is one for the Blood and Lymphatic, another for Liver, spleen, and gallbladder, and supplements for Kidneys, Lungs, colon and the cardiovascular system. The supplements remove pollutant and toxins in the body, thereby improving the immune and cardiovascular system.

Most Clients using the full body cleanse lose ten to thirty pounds of weight while at the same time, increase their energy and improve their moods. Dolphin’s twenty-day cleanse reduces cravings for junk food. The Weight loss accelerates when the supplements are combined with the raw vegan diet. Dolphin emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods, free of dyes and preservatives. He makes the diet easier by posting recipes like banana ice cream, chocolate chia seed pudding, nacho cheese sauce, fruit salad and a sunflower seed salad that tastes like tuna.

Dherbs helped an audience member on the “Steve Harvey Show.” She wanted to lose weight and improve her energy. She took the Dherbs and followed the vegan diet. A few weeks later, she lost three dress sizes and improved her energy and mood. Dolphin also helped Steve Harvey lose weight too.