Dherbs Cleanse the Body and Improves Lives

A.D. Dolphin runs the herbal supplement company called Dherbs. He is the creator, coach, and CEO from Los Angeles, CA. Dolphin has been featured on many daytime talk shows and his celebrity clients include Steve Harvey, Niecy Nash, Anthony Anderson, Brandy, Sherri Shepherd, Shemar Moore, Elise Neal, and Roland Martin. He has appeared on shows like “The Real,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” and “News one.” These herbs cleanse the body and colon. More specifically, it improves the blood, heart, liver, lungs, kidney, colon and skin.

According to Dherbs Inc., a full body cleanse makes people feel better. It is like cleaning a car and changing the oil. The supplements clean the body, making it run better. The detox protocol is made up of six formulas to improve different areas of the body. There is one for the Blood and Lymphatic, another for Liver, spleen, and gallbladder, and supplements for Kidneys, Lungs, colon and the cardiovascular system. The supplements remove pollutant and toxins in the body, thereby improving the immune and cardiovascular system.

Most Clients using the full body cleanse lose ten to thirty pounds of weight while at the same time, increase their energy and improve their moods. Dolphin’s twenty-day cleanse reduces cravings for junk food. The Weight loss accelerates when the supplements are combined with the raw vegan diet. Dolphin emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods, free of dyes and preservatives. He makes the diet easier by posting recipes like banana ice cream, chocolate chia seed pudding, nacho cheese sauce, fruit salad and a sunflower seed salad that tastes like tuna.

Dherbs helped an audience member on the “Steve Harvey Show.” She wanted to lose weight and improve her energy. She took the Dherbs and followed the vegan diet. A few weeks later, she lost three dress sizes and improved her energy and mood. Dolphin also helped Steve Harvey lose weight too.

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