Vijay Eswaran Opens New University

Vijay Eswaran founded the company that would grow to become QI Group in 1998 and is now the Executive VP of one of the largest companies in his industry. QI Group offers many different products in multiple business sectors such as financial services, direct selling, hospitality, and education. While business and being an entrepreneur is important to Vijay Eswaran, he is also engaged in many philanthropical efforts.

To Vijay Eswaran, education is one of the most important things that someone can do for themselves. Unfortunately, he does not think that the higher education systems in East Asia and other areas are providing their students with the relevant education that they will need in their careers. The world changes quickly and they are not keeping their curriculum up to date with what students will need to know. This is why he is so excited about the University that his company opened in Malaysia.

Currently, Vijay Eswaran’s University is operating out of a temporary location in Ipoh City but he and QI Group have much bigger plans for his future. Eventually, he hopes to be able to create QI City which will be a completely environmentally friendly city that will include many amenities and services. Along with housing a permanent campus for the University, it will also include a teaching hospital, park, shopping, and a residential area. While Vijay Eswaran knows that this task will take years to complete, he and QI Group are motivated to make it happen.

Vijay Eswaran operates his company as if it was a sports team. He knows that along with good management, he also needs good players to grow the company. In order to encourage people to work hard, his team must be a success instead of just the company itself. His beginnings were humble and he won’t let himself forget that.

Tips for Business Success by Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan has throughout his career focused on technological solutions for customer support. Having graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he acquired relevant skills for his first job in 2002 at iS3 as the Executive Vice President where he spent most of his time devising technical solutions for consumers. He exited the company in 2011 and co-founded ATS Digital Facilities, a company that focuses on providing solutions to a myriad of technology-related problems for consumers. Robert serves as the Chief Executive Officer at ATS.


As an entrepreneur in the technology world, Deignan has experienced challenges and learned a lot that he regularly shares as essential insights. He advises entrepreneurs to trust their guts and instincts when taking both small and big business decisions while weighing the possible consequences of such decisions. He says that in most cases the initial instincts turn out to be the right one.


As a valuable tip, it is essential to keep in touch with numbers. Through research and personal experience, one should take account of the numbers. According to Robert, having the numbers on paper is a complementary step in the gut-decision making process. The numbers tell a true story with regards to a specific idea.


Maintaining a business culture is also critical for success. When hiring, it is crucial to consider candidates who are likely to blend well and get integrated into the existing business culture of a company. It is with the recognition that in some cases, candidates who are most qualified for a position might not necessarily fit into one’s business culture.


From experience, Robert learned that it might not be a good idea to hire close friends and relatives. No matter how tempting the idea of hiring people close to you is, it is a risky move. One’s ability to make essential business decisions may be hampered or clouded by the presence of people close to them, maybe for fear of hurting their feelings or injuring personal relationship with them.


Most importantly, Robert Deignan reiterates the importance of creating time for oneself, even under tight schedules. It is valuable time to disconnect from the monotony of routine and reflect. It presents an opportunity for creativity and can spur new ideas to revolutionize one’s business.


Success in the business world does not come easy. With the above-stated valuable tips, upcoming entrepreneurs have an opportunity to borrow from people who have gone before them like Robert Deignan.