Heather Parry is honored to serve at Live Media Productions as the CEO of the Company

Heather Parry has been a part of the Live Nation Productions for quite some time. On December 1, 2015, she assumed the role of president within the company. However, she did not see it fit to make a “splashy announcement.” Instead, Heather Parry saw it fit to resume her duties. The only difference is that she was now working as the president of the production company.

After becoming the president of Live Nation Productions, Heather Parry embarked on teaming up with Colin Hanks who is an actor/Director. They have both worked together in the past when Heather Parry was at the Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison productions. Together, they produced a documentary about Eagles of Death Metal. They focused on their return to Paris after their tragedy in 2015 at the Bataclan.

Fortunately, the film was nominated for various awards thus proving that music documentaries can be categorized as serious cinema. The nominations honored Heather Parry together with the Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison productions. For Heather Parry, this was just the beginning, and throughout her career, she has always been a go-getter.

Heather Parry has also had the honor of working at MTV as well as Happy Madison. Luckily, The Live Nation Productions has become like a home to her, and she can freely explore her love for cinema and music. Her achievements over the years have been remarkable. At the moment, she is working on a Lady Gaga film. She has partnered with Netflix to produce the Gaga: Five Foot Two, on Netflix. There is also a film about Puff Daddy known as Can’t Stop and Won’t Stop.

In a recent interview, Heather Parry was also able to shed some light on her definition of a rock star. She talked more about the vision that she has for Live Nation Productions. Heather Parry also said that she is eager to work with Michael Rapino who is the CEO of the company.

A Guide To Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Are you interested in cosmetic surgery? Have you ever heard of a plastic surgeon by the name of Sameer Jejurikar? If you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. This extraordinary medical professional has built a name for himself, and his career retrogrades back for two decades. Dr. Jejurikar is the quintessential cosmetic surgeon, and he has a resume that will backup all claims. The prominent Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is where he works his magic on a regular basis. In addition to that, this board-certified cosmetic surgeon works at other locations, including Dallas medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center.

This phenomenal cosmetic surgeon provides medical-aesthetic services for the nose, breast, body and face. He has won a number of industry-related awards such as the Patient’s Choice Award and the Most Compassionate Doctor Award. The University of Michigan Medical School is where he attained his medical doctorate, and this institute is ranked very high among medical schools in the country. “Plastic surgery is a blending of art and science,” said Jejurikar. This notion rings true on all levels. Though this profession is worth its weight in gold, it can definitely be very demanding at times. Cosmetic surgeons are basically creating works of art on a daily basis. Dr. Jejurikar has also stated that “it’s exhilarating to make a positive change in someone’s life.” This high-rated surgeon sticks with the tried-and-true techniques, but he also spends time learning about new technologies. By combining the two, the best possible results will come into fruition.

Dr. Jejurikar spends a lot of time traveling around the world. Workshops, meetings and conferences are all a part of the game, and he utilizes this time to teach the importance of safety. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Nick Vertucci, a Real Estate Investor and the Author of the Seven Figure Decisions Book

Nick Vertucci is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the NV Real Estate Academy. With various locations across the United States, including Nevada and California, the firm is among the fastest growing real estate education and advisory institutions.

As the founder of Fortunes in the Flipping system, he teaches other individuals to purchase, renovate and sell their real estate property. Nick Vertucci entered the real estate industry in the early 2000s at the time when the Internet bubble burst, famously known as the dot-com bubble had taken a toll on the computer parts business as well as his finances.

After the dot-com bubble, he made the decision to change his business to real estate after attending a seminar with his friend. Vertucci dedicated most of his life to learning and applying all the principals of the real estate industry and investment.

How Vertucci Brings Ideas to Life

Vertucci is well-known for bringing ideas to life. He uses four primary terms to describe how he brings ideas to life. These terms include:

  • See it: For you to bring your ideas to life, you first need to see what you need. You should envision your finished products, goals, and businesses. Also, have clear visions as to what you need to accomplish in life.
  • Believe it: After identifying your vision, you should believe in it. Most individuals do not believe that they can succeed in life. They always have fears of failure, low self-limitations, and lack confidence. They do not honestly believe that they can be great one day. Nick Vertucci trains his students and interested parties to realize their goals and knows that their minds are the strongest muscles on the body.
  • Map it: Apart from believing in yourself and your goals, you will need to have a good plan and system. Have something that can work, and that is doable and real.
  • Execute it: After seeing it, believing in it and making a sound plan, you will need to act on it. You should take action and execute your plans. According to Nick, you must make informed decisions and take calculated risks and pursue your dreams.

Vertucci’s New Book, the Seven Figure Decisions

Vertucci is the author of the Seven Figure Decisions which is a new book. He believes that you do not achieve your goals by playing on the safer sides. You must take bold and calculated risks to reinvest yourself after losing everything. The book outlines Vertucci’s story from the start to the end and how he lost everything.

For you to become successful in life, you should learn from his story and stick through it since it outlines all the basic building blocks that can help you build a strong foundation in life. Through the book, Nick Vertucci details every section of his real estate journey which includes getting the right mentors and individuals, picking himself up and begin a fresh life again.