Marketing Strategies That Attract More Customers by Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is a Portland-based businessman. He got his masters from Babson College, where he specialized in business and entrepreneurship. He has worked for various famous brands and formed partnerships with them. For example, Apple. He was the project manager at Global Sports and Footwear in 1997. He specialized in women attire by partnering up with celebrated influencers to empower women to be more active in sports.

Steve Lesnard provides insight into marketing techniques which will help a brand reach the customers more efficiently. He has recognized that the changing times have made companies want to be more aggressive and assertive to the needs of their clients. New strategies need to be employed for successful customer engagement and satisfaction.

Communication is an important factor to keep in mind when reaching your audience. When making a product launch, or advertising the existing product in the market, making your information memorable and straightforward it the way to go. This is by simply stating what the product does and the benefits of acquiring the product. Use the most relevant features that you know will fill a gap in your client’s life. For example, Apple has focused on making gadgets which guarantee specific benefits to their clients. The 10k songs in your pocket series was a popular, effective way to bring awareness of their iPods. This was a simple way to keep health and fitness with comfort at their customers reach.

Personal customer experience always leaves an impression on the mind of the customers. Presentation is key. Designing a product which has an attractive interface and highlighting how to use it is an advantageous way to market your products. Recently, as Steve Lesnard started, the use of videos to advertise products has grown. Depending on your category, use of visuals might be what your company needs to get more reception in the market. You can also add statements from customers who have used their products and found them successful. This makes your audience more curious to use your products.

As you interact with your marketing team, keep in mind what specific features you would like your customers to remember you for.

Gulf Coast Western Expands Operations

Gulf Coast Western LLC is one of the top companies in the oil and gas industry. The company has recently expanded its operations in the southeastern United States. As of today, the company has acquired oil drilling sites in numerous parts of southwestern Louisiana. Over the past several years, Gulf Coast Western has steadily increased its holdings in oil and gas reserves in the region. This has helped the company reach a number of its top goals as a result. One of the individuals responsible for the company’s success is Mathew Fleeger. He is the company’s leading executive who has been very much involved in setting goals and implementing strategic plans to ensure that these goals for the company are met.

During 2018, Gulf Coast Western has focused on expanding its operations to Louisiana. Since the state has a number of key oil and gas reserves, Gulf Coast Western has looked to drill for oil in this region. So far, the company has acquired a considerable amount of oil so that it can help its customers and remain as one of the most successful companies in the oil and gas industry. The company has also looked to continue its expansion by acquiring more land that is geologically advantageous.

Mathew Fleeger has been a key participant in the recent success of Gulf Coast Western. He originally planned for the company’s expansion in Louisiana. Today, he is the company’s chief executive officer and president where he manages all aspects of the company. Under his leadership, Gulf Coast Western has emerged as a highly efficient and prosperous company. He has been known to have many qualities that make an ideal executive. Fleeger is known to be an expert in strategic planning and negotiating contracts. He has founded and managed a couple of other successful companies prior to becoming the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western LLC.

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Academy of Art University is Ranked as a Leading Institution In Applied Arts Education

The Academy of Art University is based in San Francisco. The institution focuses on applied arts and technology. Over the years, the Academy of Arts University has earned numerous awards including the Best Digital Illustration School based in the U.S. More than 580 institutions were evaluated. The ranking was based on the best school when it comes to creative media and entertainment.

About The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was ranked by the Rookies. The Rookies is an organization that was established in 2009, and it was sponsored by Autodesk, a software firm. Within the first years of the company’s inception, the Rookies has been classified as one of the most efficient school ranking systems globally. The Rookies also has a panel that is made up of more than 60 professionals that possess knowledge about the global media and entertainment sector. Some of these professionals include Rob Coleman, Gino Acevedo, Joanna Popper, among others.

The institutions are supposed to submit student portfolios. The Rookies always ranks the institutions depending on the quality of these portfolios. After perusing through the portfolios, the Rookies is also able to gain more knowledge about the recruitment process within these schools and the intake standards. The scores are then determined by the performance of the students from each institution.

According to the Rookies, the institutions that offer courses such as art and technology should make sure that the students have learned more about how to apply the technical and creative skills that they have been taught. By reviewing their portfolios, the Rookies can learn more about the quality of education being offered. The Academy of Art University was ranked as one of the best institutions in the following categories; best digital illustration and best 3D motion graphics school. The school also had 14 representatives. Some of the awards that were being issued included Game development, visual development, illustration, internship finalists, and scholarship finalists.

Article Title: Steve Ritchie Is Saying Sorry In Behalf of Papa Johns

Article Text:

Steve Ritchie was named as the newest chief executive officer of Papa John’s, a popular chain of pizza stores in the USA. The brand new CEO of the business immediately released an apology after he was named as the new head of the company. The apology was made to ensure that the people who were offended with the racist remarks from the previous CEO will never be hearing the same things from the company again.

Steve Ritchie is working hard to regain the image of the company as a family friendly restaurant. The image of Papa John’s changed after so many people started to complain about the words that came out of the previous CEO. It led to the plummeting sales of the business, and the board of directors have no choice but to change the leadership to save the company.

They chose Steve Ritchie to become the newest CEO of Papa John’s because of his experience with the company. He has been working with the business for 22 years, and he started from the bottom. Originally working as a personnel who is tasked to answer the phones, he quickly jumped into higher positions after he showed his supervisors that he deserved to be promoted.

When he had the money to buy his own Papa John’s franchise, he demonstrated how someone like him can manage the business efficiently, leading to a growing business that attracts many people from around the city. The branch of Papa John’s owned by Steve Ritchie is very successful, and it became his stepping stone to enter the executive department.

His impressive leadership skills is vital for some of the most important decisions in the company. He introduced ways on how to sell pizza better, and his ideas were praised by his co-workers.

Now that he is the CEO of the company, he promised the people who have given their trust on him that he will be doing everything that can help the business. He also has a lot of plans inside his mind that would affect how the business is managed, but he is hoping that the results will be for the better and what he is really expecting.

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