Article Title: Steve Ritchie Is Saying Sorry In Behalf of Papa Johns

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Steve Ritchie was named as the newest chief executive officer of Papa John’s, a popular chain of pizza stores in the USA. The brand new CEO of the business immediately released an apology after he was named as the new head of the company. The apology was made to ensure that the people who were offended with the racist remarks from the previous CEO will never be hearing the same things from the company again.

Steve Ritchie is working hard to regain the image of the company as a family friendly restaurant. The image of Papa John’s changed after so many people started to complain about the words that came out of the previous CEO. It led to the plummeting sales of the business, and the board of directors have no choice but to change the leadership to save the company.

They chose Steve Ritchie to become the newest CEO of Papa John’s because of his experience with the company. He has been working with the business for 22 years, and he started from the bottom. Originally working as a personnel who is tasked to answer the phones, he quickly jumped into higher positions after he showed his supervisors that he deserved to be promoted.

When he had the money to buy his own Papa John’s franchise, he demonstrated how someone like him can manage the business efficiently, leading to a growing business that attracts many people from around the city. The branch of Papa John’s owned by Steve Ritchie is very successful, and it became his stepping stone to enter the executive department.

His impressive leadership skills is vital for some of the most important decisions in the company. He introduced ways on how to sell pizza better, and his ideas were praised by his co-workers.

Now that he is the CEO of the company, he promised the people who have given their trust on him that he will be doing everything that can help the business. He also has a lot of plans inside his mind that would affect how the business is managed, but he is hoping that the results will be for the better and what he is really expecting.

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