Marketing Strategies That Attract More Customers by Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is a Portland-based businessman. He got his masters from Babson College, where he specialized in business and entrepreneurship. He has worked for various famous brands and formed partnerships with them. For example, Apple. He was the project manager at Global Sports and Footwear in 1997. He specialized in women attire by partnering up with celebrated influencers to empower women to be more active in sports.

Steve Lesnard provides insight into marketing techniques which will help a brand reach the customers more efficiently. He has recognized that the changing times have made companies want to be more aggressive and assertive to the needs of their clients. New strategies need to be employed for successful customer engagement and satisfaction.

Communication is an important factor to keep in mind when reaching your audience. When making a product launch, or advertising the existing product in the market, making your information memorable and straightforward it the way to go. This is by simply stating what the product does and the benefits of acquiring the product. Use the most relevant features that you know will fill a gap in your client’s life. For example, Apple has focused on making gadgets which guarantee specific benefits to their clients. The 10k songs in your pocket series was a popular, effective way to bring awareness of their iPods. This was a simple way to keep health and fitness with comfort at their customers reach.

Personal customer experience always leaves an impression on the mind of the customers. Presentation is key. Designing a product which has an attractive interface and highlighting how to use it is an advantageous way to market your products. Recently, as Steve Lesnard started, the use of videos to advertise products has grown. Depending on your category, use of visuals might be what your company needs to get more reception in the market. You can also add statements from customers who have used their products and found them successful. This makes your audience more curious to use your products.

As you interact with your marketing team, keep in mind what specific features you would like your customers to remember you for.

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