Nick Vertucci, a Real Estate Investor and the Author of the Seven Figure Decisions Book

Nick Vertucci is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the NV Real Estate Academy. With various locations across the United States, including Nevada and California, the firm is among the fastest growing real estate education and advisory institutions.

As the founder of Fortunes in the Flipping system, he teaches other individuals to purchase, renovate and sell their real estate property. Nick Vertucci entered the real estate industry in the early 2000s at the time when the Internet bubble burst, famously known as the dot-com bubble had taken a toll on the computer parts business as well as his finances.

After the dot-com bubble, he made the decision to change his business to real estate after attending a seminar with his friend. Vertucci dedicated most of his life to learning and applying all the principals of the real estate industry and investment.

How Vertucci Brings Ideas to Life

Vertucci is well-known for bringing ideas to life. He uses four primary terms to describe how he brings ideas to life. These terms include:

  • See it: For you to bring your ideas to life, you first need to see what you need. You should envision your finished products, goals, and businesses. Also, have clear visions as to what you need to accomplish in life.
  • Believe it: After identifying your vision, you should believe in it. Most individuals do not believe that they can succeed in life. They always have fears of failure, low self-limitations, and lack confidence. They do not honestly believe that they can be great one day. Nick Vertucci trains his students and interested parties to realize their goals and knows that their minds are the strongest muscles on the body.
  • Map it: Apart from believing in yourself and your goals, you will need to have a good plan and system. Have something that can work, and that is doable and real.
  • Execute it: After seeing it, believing in it and making a sound plan, you will need to act on it. You should take action and execute your plans. According to Nick, you must make informed decisions and take calculated risks and pursue your dreams.

Vertucci’s New Book, the Seven Figure Decisions

Vertucci is the author of the Seven Figure Decisions which is a new book. He believes that you do not achieve your goals by playing on the safer sides. You must take bold and calculated risks to reinvest yourself after losing everything. The book outlines Vertucci’s story from the start to the end and how he lost everything.

For you to become successful in life, you should learn from his story and stick through it since it outlines all the basic building blocks that can help you build a strong foundation in life. Through the book, Nick Vertucci details every section of his real estate journey which includes getting the right mentors and individuals, picking himself up and begin a fresh life again.

Facilitating Reading with the Excellent Portfolio Manager, Sandy Chin

She acquired initial work experience doing critical analysis at Bank America Corporation, Donaldson Lufkin, and Jenrette International. Ms. Chin proceeded to Moore Capital Management, LP, and S.A.C. Capital Management, LLC to build on her analytical background. Her leadership skills peaked at Neuberger Berman LLC, where she served as the Vice president. She had also served as the portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management before settling for investments and portfolio management at Tidal Bore Capital in New York, US. She founded Tidal Bore alongside Bill Leach, her esteemed business partner.


Her excellence in organizing and achieving can be attributed to her experience in portfolio management. She made her observations at PS11 and swung into action. The institution serves a characteristic lacking community in New York. Its feeding is financed by a couple of housing units denoting a financial constraint in the system.


The lack of books and/or morale to read stops the students’ reading during summer. A total slant in their academic skills may result from lack of reading during the summer break, usually 3 months long. Some children even forget the entire reading syllabus learned during the academic year for the inconsistent reading or lack thereof during summer. Ms. Sandy Chin’s son, a student at PS11, however, does not face such a challenge. The lad has access to a variety of books at local libraries within their locality.


Several public libraries organize reading programs during the summer to cultivate a reading culture. Most children have no access to these libraries though. The majority cannot afford the books and those who can carry them around dearly denying their mates a chance to at least have a read. Being an enthusiastic lover at a young age, Sandy Chin understood the scarcity of books.


Sandy and PS11 resorted to organizing a book drive to avail the much-needed books. Allowing each child to pick out a book would also go a long way in boosting their reading zeal. Sorting the books into appropriate reading levels was thus crucial. The novel experience for choosing as well as receiving free books to take home was perhaps thrilling for the kids. The book drive lifted the worry of lack from the parents as the books were available to each child.


Health Drinks

In our lives, there is and always will be an interest in health and beauty. It seems to be built in us, but now the health we desire on the outside is desired for the inside. People are looking for total body health to look good and feel good, which means increased demand for products that are healthy to apply, drink and eat, while they improve our health and beauty. One company that appears intent on maximizing these results for customers is Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse provides a range of products combining the latest science and tried and true natural remedies. Their team of doctors utilizes the latest knowledge from stem cell research in order to understand the best ingredients to use for a wide range of products from vitamins to face cream. Then they use all-natural ingredients the body can use more effectively than synthetic ingredients.

An example of an area of health benefits is in the drinks category. One such product is NEVO, their energy drink. As they say, “we didn’t create the energy drink, we just perfected it.” They noticed the energy drink market is overrun with products made with unnatural ingredients, so they geared their drink to be a more natural product. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. This means natural energy that your body can use properly and more effectively. And each drink is only 50 calories per can.

An example of one product is a drink called Reserve. It is a dietary supplement that is designed to support the ability’s fight against free-radical damage. They wanted a product that would accomplish this in a healthy and delicious way. They use a combination of five superfruits along with aloe vera, green tea, and grape seed extracts with antioxidant properties. The result is a heart-healthy, non-toxic aid toward inner health.

With products like these, Randy and Wendy, along with their son Scott, plan to continue to provide health products to people for generations to come. Their mixture of science and nature may just be the answer.,19.htm

Igor Cornelsen Talks about How Brazilian Banking Industry Rise Above Its Problems

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most renowned names in the financial industry of Brazil. For over four decades, Igor Cornelsen has been active in the field of finance and investment banking. It is this experience that he shares with the people and his clients, which includes middle market companies and high net worth individuals. Igor Cornelsen has worked with some of the most prominent banks in Brazil and has held important positions in Standard Chartered and other banks. Igor Cornelsen also served as the CEO of Unibanco for several years, before switching to other career opportunities.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the Brazilian banking industry has been able to fight its problems with great care. The entire banking world often wonders how it has been able to come back from the troubled economy, and he says that it is due to the knowledge of the research on the world market and the experience of the top investors like him. He also praises the government that always ensures that the investors have the freedom and feel secure.

At present, Igor Cornelsen is heading one of the top financial advisory firms in the United States named Bainbridge Investments Inc. The company provides personalized financial solutions to the individuals who are looking for help with managing their money and are looking for investment opportunities. If you want to take expert advice on how to get ahead with investing in the stock market and which stocks you should pick, trust Igor Cornelsen to guide you in the right direction. The years of experience that he has in investment banking and hedge fund would surely not fail you and help to achieve your financial goals. Igor Cornelsen says that the best thing you can do to secure your future financially is to start saving and investing early on in your life.

Vijay Eswaran Opens New University

Vijay Eswaran founded the company that would grow to become QI Group in 1998 and is now the Executive VP of one of the largest companies in his industry. QI Group offers many different products in multiple business sectors such as financial services, direct selling, hospitality, and education. While business and being an entrepreneur is important to Vijay Eswaran, he is also engaged in many philanthropical efforts.

To Vijay Eswaran, education is one of the most important things that someone can do for themselves. Unfortunately, he does not think that the higher education systems in East Asia and other areas are providing their students with the relevant education that they will need in their careers. The world changes quickly and they are not keeping their curriculum up to date with what students will need to know. This is why he is so excited about the University that his company opened in Malaysia.

Currently, Vijay Eswaran’s University is operating out of a temporary location in Ipoh City but he and QI Group have much bigger plans for his future. Eventually, he hopes to be able to create QI City which will be a completely environmentally friendly city that will include many amenities and services. Along with housing a permanent campus for the University, it will also include a teaching hospital, park, shopping, and a residential area. While Vijay Eswaran knows that this task will take years to complete, he and QI Group are motivated to make it happen.

Vijay Eswaran operates his company as if it was a sports team. He knows that along with good management, he also needs good players to grow the company. In order to encourage people to work hard, his team must be a success instead of just the company itself. His beginnings were humble and he won’t let himself forget that.

Tips for Business Success by Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan has throughout his career focused on technological solutions for customer support. Having graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he acquired relevant skills for his first job in 2002 at iS3 as the Executive Vice President where he spent most of his time devising technical solutions for consumers. He exited the company in 2011 and co-founded ATS Digital Facilities, a company that focuses on providing solutions to a myriad of technology-related problems for consumers. Robert serves as the Chief Executive Officer at ATS.


As an entrepreneur in the technology world, Deignan has experienced challenges and learned a lot that he regularly shares as essential insights. He advises entrepreneurs to trust their guts and instincts when taking both small and big business decisions while weighing the possible consequences of such decisions. He says that in most cases the initial instincts turn out to be the right one.


As a valuable tip, it is essential to keep in touch with numbers. Through research and personal experience, one should take account of the numbers. According to Robert, having the numbers on paper is a complementary step in the gut-decision making process. The numbers tell a true story with regards to a specific idea.


Maintaining a business culture is also critical for success. When hiring, it is crucial to consider candidates who are likely to blend well and get integrated into the existing business culture of a company. It is with the recognition that in some cases, candidates who are most qualified for a position might not necessarily fit into one’s business culture.


From experience, Robert learned that it might not be a good idea to hire close friends and relatives. No matter how tempting the idea of hiring people close to you is, it is a risky move. One’s ability to make essential business decisions may be hampered or clouded by the presence of people close to them, maybe for fear of hurting their feelings or injuring personal relationship with them.


Most importantly, Robert Deignan reiterates the importance of creating time for oneself, even under tight schedules. It is valuable time to disconnect from the monotony of routine and reflect. It presents an opportunity for creativity and can spur new ideas to revolutionize one’s business.


Success in the business world does not come easy. With the above-stated valuable tips, upcoming entrepreneurs have an opportunity to borrow from people who have gone before them like Robert Deignan.

The History Of Applied Neurofeedback And Neurocore

The origins of applied neurofeedback can be traced back to the late 1700’s when Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta first observed the effects of applied neurofeedback on sentient beings. In their experiment, the founding fathers of modern electrophysiology and bioelectric theory attached the legs of a frog to an iron fence during a lightning storm and monitored the results. They found that the legs would contract whenever they made contact with lightning and developed a hypothesis that this was due to variations in the electrical properties of the lightning. However, they were unable to definitively prove their theory until the turn of the century. They would later refer to this phenomenon as animal electricity, though it never really caught on. See more information about Neurocore at

Their findings and research eventually led to the development of what is now known as an electroencephalogram or EEG for short which Neurocore often uses in their research. This device uses metal discs known as electrodes to detect electrical impulses within the human cerebellum. Of course, the process is completely noninvasive and was initially used to determine if patients had epilepsy. Nowadays, however, it is more commonly used to treat various neurological disorders such as brain dysfunction, stroke and a wide variety of sleep disorders. Neurocore has used it for many other purposes too including the treatment of encephalitis, strokes and brain tumors. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Around 1929, Hans Berger became one of the first scientists to observe the effects of EEG on a patient and he would later go on to document his findings in a paper known as “About the human electroencephalogram.” Berger himself became well-renowned and respected within his field but found himself constantly struggling with his own demons. Finally, at the age of 78, he ended up losing the battle and took his own life. However, his research was eventually used to develop the Quantitative Electroencephalogram or Qeeg for short. Neurocore now uses this technology to monitor the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to determine the inherent causes of their depression. So we wish Neurocore the best of luck in attempting to find a cure for it.



Get to Learn about Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina was born in the Tanzanian capital of Dar-es-Salaam in 1950. He relocated to London in the same year, sought British citizenship, and pursued dental surgery at the University of London. Shafik graduated in 1975. Together with co-director Shiraz Boghani who has expansive experience in hotel management, Shafik Sachedina began the first Sussex Healthcare facility in 1985. The company majors in the operation of facilities for elderly people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and younger people suffering from neurological conditions. Over 20 amenities operate under the company today including a chain of residential, daycare and gym facilities. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Shafik Sachedina is a former president of the Ismaili Council of Britain. Today, he serves as an active participant of the Ismaili society, heading the Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of The Aga Khan. He has other various roles including, chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, and a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum.

Shafik Sachedina led the company to accreditation in 2002 by the Health Quality services. In 2003, the company achieved the Investors in People Standard. The company accomplished the International Standard certification in 2005, thus being recognized for dual accreditation and ranked the best home care provider in Sussex. Shafik has led the company in providing quality care to aging individuals across Sussex, offering a safe and fostering environment, and home to individuals with cognitive disabilities. He saw the niche understood the growing demand for constant caregiving and nursing facilities that individuals would not provide due to work commitments.

The facility offers activities to beneficiaries such as quizzes, handicrafts, cookery, music and movement, and art therapy. Under Shafik Sachedina’s reign, Sussex Healthcare facility has had qualified nursing staff and thereby offering services such as reflexology, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy. Young people such as children living with autism have benefited from the facility through the Treehouse Educare facility and go to New Barn School which offers 52-week placements to the students. Shafik has led the company to be one of the best dental providers, offering both cosmetic and clinical treatments. The residential facilities manage a traditional, calm atmosphere with modest, and contemporary technology. These amenities offer expert nursing attention around-the-clock for persons living in the facility.

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Alex Pall Tells his Story to Interview Magazine

The Chainsmokers, which consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, released their first major hit in 2014 with “#Selfie.” Other loose singles, like “Paris,” led up to the release of their debut album Memories…Do Not Open.

“Closer” is their greatest hit to date. It was release in 2014 and went diamond 2 years later. Halsey, who joined Taggart and Pall on “Closer,” teamed up with the duo again. This time it was on Instagram. They simultaneously posted pictures of their newly minted diamond plaques.

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‘Drop your weapon!’ … Me –

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“Closer” was a huge moment for The Chainsmokers. It cemented them on the airwaves both domestic and international. After the release of the song, Taggart and Pall sat down with Interview Magazine.

The conversation began with Pall explaining his life prior to joining up with Taggart. He was DJing around the New York Area and found himself in an art gallery. It was here that he determined music was controlling his life, and it was time to take it seriously as a career.

Andrew Taggart, an intern at Interscope Records, was attending college in Maine. He began to DJ when he noticed that many at his university were making decent money by performing at parties. Through Interscope Records, he was introduced to Alex Pall.

Upon their introduction, due to their chemistry, they began making music. Long hours led to a plethora of songs. They began to flood the airwaves in 2014. They released single after single until their debut album. More recently, they have released darker songs like “Sick Boy.” Aside from “Closer,” this is the biggest change in their sound.

“Closer” was such a drastic change because it was Taggart’s debut as singer. According to The Chainsmokers, their method of adapting mainstream popularities to their own style is key to maintaining momentum.

They also use social media to connect with their fans. Pall said Instagram allows him to see exactly where and who his fans are.

Dherbs Cleanse the Body and Improves Lives

A.D. Dolphin runs the herbal supplement company called Dherbs. He is the creator, coach, and CEO from Los Angeles, CA. Dolphin has been featured on many daytime talk shows and his celebrity clients include Steve Harvey, Niecy Nash, Anthony Anderson, Brandy, Sherri Shepherd, Shemar Moore, Elise Neal, and Roland Martin. He has appeared on shows like “The Real,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” and “News one.” These herbs cleanse the body and colon. More specifically, it improves the blood, heart, liver, lungs, kidney, colon and skin.

According to Dherbs Inc., a full body cleanse makes people feel better. It is like cleaning a car and changing the oil. The supplements clean the body, making it run better. The detox protocol is made up of six formulas to improve different areas of the body. There is one for the Blood and Lymphatic, another for Liver, spleen, and gallbladder, and supplements for Kidneys, Lungs, colon and the cardiovascular system. The supplements remove pollutant and toxins in the body, thereby improving the immune and cardiovascular system.

Most Clients using the full body cleanse lose ten to thirty pounds of weight while at the same time, increase their energy and improve their moods. Dolphin’s twenty-day cleanse reduces cravings for junk food. The Weight loss accelerates when the supplements are combined with the raw vegan diet. Dolphin emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods, free of dyes and preservatives. He makes the diet easier by posting recipes like banana ice cream, chocolate chia seed pudding, nacho cheese sauce, fruit salad and a sunflower seed salad that tastes like tuna.

Dherbs helped an audience member on the “Steve Harvey Show.” She wanted to lose weight and improve her energy. She took the Dherbs and followed the vegan diet. A few weeks later, she lost three dress sizes and improved her energy and mood. Dolphin also helped Steve Harvey lose weight too.