Academy of Art University is Ranked as a Leading Institution In Applied Arts Education

The Academy of Art University is based in San Francisco. The institution focuses on applied arts and technology. Over the years, the Academy of Arts University has earned numerous awards including the Best Digital Illustration School based in the U.S. More than 580 institutions were evaluated. The ranking was based on the best school when it comes to creative media and entertainment.

About The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was ranked by the Rookies. The Rookies is an organization that was established in 2009, and it was sponsored by Autodesk, a software firm. Within the first years of the company’s inception, the Rookies has been classified as one of the most efficient school ranking systems globally. The Rookies also has a panel that is made up of more than 60 professionals that possess knowledge about the global media and entertainment sector. Some of these professionals include Rob Coleman, Gino Acevedo, Joanna Popper, among others.

The institutions are supposed to submit student portfolios. The Rookies always ranks the institutions depending on the quality of these portfolios. After perusing through the portfolios, the Rookies is also able to gain more knowledge about the recruitment process within these schools and the intake standards. The scores are then determined by the performance of the students from each institution.

According to the Rookies, the institutions that offer courses such as art and technology should make sure that the students have learned more about how to apply the technical and creative skills that they have been taught. By reviewing their portfolios, the Rookies can learn more about the quality of education being offered. The Academy of Art University was ranked as one of the best institutions in the following categories; best digital illustration and best 3D motion graphics school. The school also had 14 representatives. Some of the awards that were being issued included Game development, visual development, illustration, internship finalists, and scholarship finalists.

Omar is the Life of the City

Omar Boraie is like the tender-hearted father of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Through the compassion he instilled into Boraie Development LLC, the New Jersey city is thriving today. Omar Boraie had it as his dream to see New Brunswick become a bustling economic center just like the great cities in Europe. It took him over four decades of hard work to make it happen, but New Brunswick is a hotbed of economic activity today because of his commitment.

Boraie Development LLC has been reported as one of the largest financial donors in the city of New Brunswick. Omar Boraie tried his best to keep it a secret, but was able to secure his donation records. They discovered that Omar Boraie gave over $150 million in the last ten years to this magnificent city. That money was earmarked to the city council to be used to rebuild the residential and commercial areas of the city. reports that Omar Boraie worked through Boraie Development LLC to develop a four-part plan that would bring New Brunswick to new heights. The first part of his plan was to help New Brunswick become a place families wanted to stay. The second part of his plan was to convince current employers to stay in the city. The third part of his plan was to bring new jobs to the area. The last part of his plan was to bring back the middle-class.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie formed an alliance with the State Theater to begin hosting family events in the city. Omar Boraie donated enough money that the State Theater was able to host seven Disney movie nights free for the community. These movies included Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King. The State Theater reported in an article on the New Jersey Stage that over 7,500 people were in attendance and all were begging to make this an annual thing.

Omar Boraie implemented the second part of his plan by sitting down the Johnson and Johnson. They were the big factory in town and everything hinged on them staying. Omar Boraie was able to convince them it was in their best interest to stay in New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie then implemented both the third and fourth part of his plan in a single stroke by building commercial and residential building that were equivalent to the upper class lifestyle but for a middle-class price.

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Bob Reina: He’s Strong

In today’s world, we need people that are strong and people that are not going to back down from whatever hand they are dealt in life. They are going to be there, look at it right in the face, and they are going to tackle it. They will not let it defeat them. That is the type of person Bob Reina is and it is why so many people enjoy working for the man. They know they are getting a stand-up guy and one of the good guys in the world today. The world needs more good guys like Bob Reina that have their best interests in mind.


Bob Reina has talked about being on a mission to change lives and that mission has only grown stronger and will stay strong. It is because they have a strong person in charge that founded the company back in 2007. He is also a people person. That is a hard balance to find in today’s world. Many strong people can be off-putting or polarizing. Bob Reina is lovable, kind, and truly cares about the well-being of his customers. He is not the type of person that once he gets a customer or has an employee, he takes them for granted. He stands by them through thick and thin.


That is the mentality and the mindset that is all over Talk Fusion. They have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. This is video technology that has won awards, as a matter of fact. Bob Reina did not want the credit, however, as he knows he has the best IT team on the planet. He knows how hard they work and all of the hours they put into this. Everyone at Talk Fusion knows they play a part in the success of the company. It is not a one-person show.


It is that team mentality that has allowed the company to survive and thrive, no matter what is thrown their way or put on their plate ( They are ready for the future and they know tech is changing every day.