Robert Ivy Of AIA Is Celebrated For His Input In Architecture

Robert Ivy is a renowned architecture and the chief executive officer of American Institute of Architects. He was appointed to the position in 2011. The board of directors made the announcement and the management of AIA was elated to have a new visionary leader. As a Fellow of the AIA, Robert Ivy was also awarded additional positions including being the new vice president of AIA.

Background Data

As a figure that is greatly recognized in the architectural profession, Robert Ivy is an excellent editor who worked for the Architectural Record since 1996. Aside from that, he served as the vice president of the editorial department of McGraw-Hill Construction. In that department, Robert Ivy was in charge of editing architectural works including publications on design and management. With his editing skills, he ensured that the department was streamlined accordingly, in a manner that made it easy for employees to achieve their goals.

Editorial Works

Earlier on, Robert Ivy had worked as a principal architect as well as a managing director at Ivy Architects. For 14 years, he worked in various corporate executive positions. In his years of service, he earned several recognitions from different architectural departments. Some of the awards he received include American Business Media, a top award that recognizes the efforts of great leaders in businesses. He also bagged the Crain Award and the Master Architect Award conferred by Alpha Rho Chi. At that juncture, Robert Ivy joined the list of architects who have initially received this award. They include I.M. Pei as well as Buckminster Fuller.


For education, Robert Ivy attended Tulane University for an architectural course and later joined the University of South Tennessee where he majored in Bachelor of Arts in English. Having garnered sufficient skills in management and editorial works, Robert Ivy was now able to focus on other projects. That is why in 1992, the AIA managed to publish a book he authored. Fay Jones: Architect offered substantial insight regarding architecture and how to excel in the career.

Additional Information

Ivy often delivers keynote speeches on the roles of architecture in the society. He is passionate about community projects and has since worked with architects to sensitive the community on the value of hiring the right designer to work on the development of properties. He has spoken at the Library Congress and the National Building Museum.


Ivy grew up in Columbus, Mississippi. Of course, being his hometown, he visits often and is a massive contributor to societal development projects. His additional roles in the community include serving on the Tulane University board, the Mississippi State University as well as the Auburn University. For Ivy, it matters where the community is heading regarding building, design and community projects.

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