Facilitating Reading with the Excellent Portfolio Manager, Sandy Chin

She acquired initial work experience doing critical analysis at Bank America Corporation, Donaldson Lufkin, and Jenrette International. Ms. Chin proceeded to Moore Capital Management, LP, and S.A.C. Capital Management, LLC to build on her analytical background. Her leadership skills peaked at Neuberger Berman LLC, where she served as the Vice president. She had also served as the portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management before settling for investments and portfolio management at Tidal Bore Capital in New York, US. She founded Tidal Bore alongside Bill Leach, her esteemed business partner.


Her excellence in organizing and achieving can be attributed to her experience in portfolio management. She made her observations at PS11 and swung into action. The institution serves a characteristic lacking community in New York. Its feeding is financed by a couple of housing units denoting a financial constraint in the system.


The lack of books and/or morale to read stops the students’ reading during summer. A total slant in their academic skills may result from lack of reading during the summer break, usually 3 months long. Some children even forget the entire reading syllabus learned during the academic year for the inconsistent reading or lack thereof during summer. Ms. Sandy Chin’s son, a student at PS11, however, does not face such a challenge. The lad has access to a variety of books at local libraries within their locality.


Several public libraries organize reading programs during the summer to cultivate a reading culture. Most children have no access to these libraries though. The majority cannot afford the books and those who can carry them around dearly denying their mates a chance to at least have a read. Being an enthusiastic lover at a young age, Sandy Chin understood the scarcity of books.


Sandy and PS11 resorted to organizing a book drive to avail the much-needed books. Allowing each child to pick out a book would also go a long way in boosting their reading zeal. Sorting the books into appropriate reading levels was thus crucial. The novel experience for choosing as well as receiving free books to take home was perhaps thrilling for the kids. The book drive lifted the worry of lack from the parents as the books were available to each child.




Madison Street Capital and M&A Guidance

All of this information is accessible via a website that’s known as PR.com. MSC or “Madison Street Capital” is a big investment banking company. It functioned as the sole financial advisor as part of a deal that involved a Napoleon Machine credit center. Napoleon Machine was established back in 2010. It’s a manufacturing services supplier that has certification. It concentrates on metal fabrication work that can be customized. It also concentrates on light assembly, painting and even precision machining. It delves into various additional specialties that accommodate steel elements that are anywhere in the range of moderate to sizable in the size realm. The center was an offering from Sterling Commercial Credit. Charles Botchway revealed details of the deal to the world. He’s Madison Street Capital’s Chief Executive Officer. Steven Richards and Barry Petersen were both in charge of the transaction. Richards is the Capital Markets Vice President. Petersen, on the other hand, is the Senior Managing Director.


Petersen indicates that the credit center is going to offer easier and stronger functional capital reach to people. He indicates that it’s going to empower Napoleon Machine to grow its in-depth manufacturing strengths. The aim is to accommodate all customer requirements. It’s also to speed up the organization’s adjustments.


Napoleon Machine works with clients that come from many fields out there. It works with clients that are part of the construction, chemicals, machinery manufacture, mining, metals, nuclear power production, defense, military, maritime, agricultural and aerospace worlds. It even handles the requirements of transportation, semiconductor, robotics and glassmaking sectors these days. The company makes first-class items that respond to requests from customers. It accommodates pieces that are as compact and light as 200 pounds. It even accommodates pieces that are as heavy as 60,000 pounds.


Madison Street Capital is a trustworthy agency that backs the power of honesty and sincerity. The staff members who represent this company daily can talk to clients all about financial assessments, corporate financial advisory matters, valuation and mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital is in the center of Chicago in Illinois. It’s on West Madison in the city.


The people who are happy to be on the Madison Street Capital staff know a lot about middle market investments of all varieties. People who are searching for guidance that involves corporate finance topics frequently reach out the Madison Street Capital crew. They regularly discuss all kinds of hedge funds.


Read https://www.pr.com/press-release/700593 to learn more.

Madison Street Capital, the world leader in financial advisory services

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking corporation that offers financial advisory services to businesses. Based in Chicago, Illinois the firm was founded in the year 2005, and it now provides financial services to clients from all over the world.


Excellence, integrity, and leadership drive the firm’s services. In the provision of financial advisory services, the firm specializes in merger and acquisition services, business valuation services and economic opinions.


The financial services provided by the firm ensures that its clients are viewed in the world market. The Investment bank takes a keen interest in emerging businesses, and It provides them with financial advisory measures and capital raising tools necessary for their growth as well as boosting Madison Street Capital reputation.


In addition to the financial advisory services it offers to its clients, the firm facilitates the capital restructuring, placement services, reorganization and bankruptcy for its clients. The firm has also been seen to provide solvency opinion services in the past.


It is highly reputed for its services and renowned for serving significant firms including Central Lowa Energy, Fiber Science, and Medical Group corporations. Its expertise in the business makes it one of the most successful investment banks in the world.


Founded by Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala as debt and a private equity firm, the company has now grown its workforce to offer 300 specialized employees. It has visionary workers with unmatched knowledge, extensive relationships and extensive experience hence fitting it in several awards have been won by the company including the M&A Advisor Awards.


These awards honor notable and exceptional accomplishments in business restructuring, corporate financing, and asset management. It also won an award for its involvement in the Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna.


The firm’s employees have also continued to receive a couple of individual awards. Anthony Marsala, for instance, was included in the forty under forty by an association of analysts.


The company has its headquarters based in Chicago, and it also has subsidiary offices spread all over the world including Ghana, India, and Oregon. From these offices alone, the Investment group has been able to create exit strategies, structure contracts and link buyers to the sellers.


It also houses divisions in the offices exclusively responsible for wealth and tax planning. The company hit the news headlines recently when it acted as the financial advisor to the world’s top software analytics company, DCG Software Value in its merger with the Spitfire Group.


DCG Software Value was established in the year 1994. It has its headquarters in Pennsylvania and deals in software estimation products, project support, and value management.


DCG Software merged with Spitfire Group. With its headquarters in Denver, Spitfire Group is a technology consultant and business corporation. The merger is aimed at promoting value for the two firms.

Madison Steel Capital Wins M&A Award For Financial Advice To WLR Automotive

The opinion and prognosis of the founder of Madison Street Capital regarding the future of investments and portfolio management is regarded very well by the investment industry. This is testimony to the fact that MSC is a leading player in its market niche. Charles Botchway is the founder and CEO of MSC and his voice is always heard in his business circle. As proof of this, Botchway was featured in last year’s November issue of Advisors Magazine. That issue published an interview with Botchway where he expressed his forecasts for the investment industry for the rest of 2017 and on to 2018. Generally, he predicted a bright future for the industry for this year.



Madison Street Capital is not a stranger to awards and accolades from his peers. One of the industry’s award-giving bodies, the M&A Advisor recognized this company by giving it an award called the Debt Financing of the Year on Nov. 13, 2017. The award was given to MSC for the work it did in facilitating the transaction between WLR Automotive and its lender. MSC gave WLR Automotive the advice that it needs to complete the transaction. Apparently this is a huge deal worthy of the award from M&A Advisor.



There were more than 650 companies in the niche of MSC that are also vying for the award. David Ferguson, President and Co-CEO of M&A Advisor explained that they were glad to give this award to MSC for its work on the WLR Automotive deal. It is the highest they can bestow to a company that offers deal-making advice and consultations to companies. M&A Advisor has been giving such awards for many years now. They started giving these types of awards since 2002.



The Debt Financing Deal of the Year award was only one of several awards that MSC was being considered for. MSC was also listed among the companies vying for the Financial Deal of the Year (under 250 million) and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. In all of these, it should be clear that MSC is not a lending institution or a bank. It only gives out advice and consultations to a company regarding its financing needs. In the course of its work, MSC also helps in facilitating the deal between a lender and a company that needs financing.



In other words, MSC acts as a broker between two negotiating parties. It facilitates the meetings and transaction between a company that needs financing and a lender. If MSC succeeds in finalizing the deal between a company and a lender, it earns a certain transaction fee. But MSC does not guarantee financing, nor does it guarantee that certain terms for a financing deal is the best for a company. These concerns should be given due diligence by the company itself.