Article Title: Jana Messerschmidt joins Lightspeed Venture Partner

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Jana Messerschmidt is a shareholder and a part of the Lightspeed Venture Company. The company has put its aim at the start of business deals in the firm and its digital environment. Jana as a business person she incorporates the clients, firm, and technology industry. She has been an active member in the Jana Lightspeed Partnership.

In 2015, Jana helped in the starting of Angels which is wholly dedicated to having more female on the board of starting successful businesses. Angels has deals in over 80 firms in different companies, like Color, Bird and Winnie among others.

Before becoming Jana Lightspeed partner, she had been venturing into business and assisting in starting companies. She has a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois. Jana has been a big influencer in Twitter and Netflix companies by playing critical responsibilities in both companies.

Lightspeed company helps in the growth of new tech companies making them become reputable in the industry. Jana Lightspeed partnership has help in improving her career.

However, just like each person Jana does not have the ability to predict the future of any business. She has the skills and knowledge to help better the future of Lightsspeed Venture company. She is also a very hardworking person.

Despite of being an investor, Jana is dedicated to organize meetings and programs to help in exploring the technological network and developing a society that would enhance the women position in the industry. She has always been a spokesperson for women in digital world working tirelessly to expand the opportunities for women to be in the industry just like other people. Being in Jana partnership helped to improve her venture.

Jana was able to join Lightspeed Venture company because she was seen as a top powerful engineer in the industry and she believed that to empower women in the business sector. She got the Jana relationship because she possessed expertise that made her a very important asset.

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Nick Vertucci, a Real Estate Investor and the Author of the Seven Figure Decisions Book

Nick Vertucci is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the NV Real Estate Academy. With various locations across the United States, including Nevada and California, the firm is among the fastest growing real estate education and advisory institutions.

As the founder of Fortunes in the Flipping system, he teaches other individuals to purchase, renovate and sell their real estate property. Nick Vertucci entered the real estate industry in the early 2000s at the time when the Internet bubble burst, famously known as the dot-com bubble had taken a toll on the computer parts business as well as his finances.

After the dot-com bubble, he made the decision to change his business to real estate after attending a seminar with his friend. Vertucci dedicated most of his life to learning and applying all the principals of the real estate industry and investment.

How Vertucci Brings Ideas to Life

Vertucci is well-known for bringing ideas to life. He uses four primary terms to describe how he brings ideas to life. These terms include:

  • See it: For you to bring your ideas to life, you first need to see what you need. You should envision your finished products, goals, and businesses. Also, have clear visions as to what you need to accomplish in life.
  • Believe it: After identifying your vision, you should believe in it. Most individuals do not believe that they can succeed in life. They always have fears of failure, low self-limitations, and lack confidence. They do not honestly believe that they can be great one day. Nick Vertucci trains his students and interested parties to realize their goals and knows that their minds are the strongest muscles on the body.
  • Map it: Apart from believing in yourself and your goals, you will need to have a good plan and system. Have something that can work, and that is doable and real.
  • Execute it: After seeing it, believing in it and making a sound plan, you will need to act on it. You should take action and execute your plans. According to Nick, you must make informed decisions and take calculated risks and pursue your dreams.

Vertucci’s New Book, the Seven Figure Decisions

Vertucci is the author of the Seven Figure Decisions which is a new book. He believes that you do not achieve your goals by playing on the safer sides. You must take bold and calculated risks to reinvest yourself after losing everything. The book outlines Vertucci’s story from the start to the end and how he lost everything.

For you to become successful in life, you should learn from his story and stick through it since it outlines all the basic building blocks that can help you build a strong foundation in life. Through the book, Nick Vertucci details every section of his real estate journey which includes getting the right mentors and individuals, picking himself up and begin a fresh life again.