Daniel Taub – article recap

For the past four years, Daniel Taub has enjoyed a remarkable career as the Ambassador of the State of Israel for the United Kingdom, quickly becoming the most popular person to hold that office since Shlomo was assassinated in 1982. From the onset of his career, it was evident that he brought a unique style to the table, as evidenced by his first meeting with the Queen of England. During this visit, Mr. Taub presented his credentials and exchanged pleasantries, while also expressing his unwavering stance; he wore his kippah, which accurately represented his staunch beliefs as a practicing Orthodox Jew. With the end of his term rapidly approaching, Mr. Taub and his associates reflect on his term, while wholly acknowledging the fact that he will be missed, as his departure is sure to leave a significant void.

Born in the United Kingdom in 1962, Daniel Taub knows all too well the opportunities that his British citizenship has afforded him, and while the relationship between the two countries that he represents has been historically strained, during his time as the Israeli Ambassador, great strides were made. During his time in office, Daniel Taub intended to bridge the gap between the United Kindom and Israel, and as he sits back to reflect on that time period, he wholeheartedly believes that his objective was achieved. Mr. Taub recently had a farewell reception at his home, and many of his colleagues agree that his time as the Ambassador of Israel was a complete success. During times of crisis, Mr. Daniel Taub was squarely on the front lines, helping to ensure that diplomacy reigned supreme between the two nations, and as a result, many people would agree that the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom is the best that it has ever been to date. With the amount of tension throughout the Middle Eastern world, combined with the fact that the United Kingdom is one of the most powerful financial centers in existence, the cohesive relationship between the two entities remains extremely important. One of Daniel Taub’s greatest attributes is the fact that during times of struggle, he has been able to set aside his own feelings concerning the current policies of each government, and focused on the fact that awareness and understanding are the keys to maintaining a positive relationship between the two countries.