Karl Heideck Sheds Some Light On Litigation Career

Litigation attorneys represent criminal clients, individuals who are filing injury claims, real estate firms, and a host of other clients. The main work of litigation attorneys is to prepare cases for trial. However, it is known that up to 90 percent of the cases do not proceed to trial; instead, they are settled out of court. In a criminal proceeding, a defendant takes a plea deal. In other cases such as a real estate, personal injury and other civil cases, the plaintiff often accepts a settlement.

Karl Heideck, a renowned lawyer serving Philadelphia notes that most of the civil litigation lawyers work for law firms. Some of the litigators may work in boutique law firms while others have a private practice. Karl notes that most of the law firms have various departments and sub-departments for real-estate, business, patents and other types of law.

Karl Heideck also notes that while a number of lawyers work in the private sector, there are those who work for the government. Most of the government lawyers serve in criminal law as district attorneys and prosecutors.

Besides, some companies are large enough to employ their lawyers. Large financial institutions and insurance companies may also have their litigators who represent them in legal matters. Big companies may employ a number of litigators who work on cases while being supervised by more senior lawyers.

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According to Karl Heideck, when a lawyer picks a new case, the first begins with preliminary investigations. They collect the necessary documents such as witness statements, medical records, and any other relevant evidence that would help them to build the case. Once they have all the materials, the legal attorney then tries to contact the legal representative of the other party as they try to come to a consensus. If they reach an agreement, then there is no need to file the case before a court of law. If they don’t agree, then a case is filed in court.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a renowned lawyer specializing in compliance and risk management. He currently serves in the larger Philadelphia area and has a huge experience in handling various cases in his specialization. He is currently listed with the Hire Council where he has been a member since the year 2015.

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How is the Madison County Courier Making It Easier for You to Find a Lawyer Online?

Getting a competent professional specializing in your particular legal matter can be hard especially when one is in need. At times, you will select a lawyer and later find out that they have issues such as incompetence and poor case history. The Madison County Courier has been looking into this problem, and they have come up with a solution that is bound to make things better for the residents who need a lawyer in this county.


The county has set up a website where all the qualified and practicing lawyers in the county can list down the skills they are offering and their areas of expertise. For a lawyer to make it onto the website, they need to have been accepted to the bar association and also to have the proper academic documents showing their legal training and experience. When a client needs a lawyer, they will just log onto the site, list their specification and get paired with the ideal lawyer for their case.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most competitive corporate lawyers in the Madison County. He practices at the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates law firm, whose primary mandate is to offer advice to compensation committees, CEOs, managerial teams and corporations in administrative matters relating to their businesses. These services are crucial to a company during fundamental processes such as changeovers, mergers, and acquisitions.


Before he left to start his law firm, he had worked with several other Law Firms. He has taken part in some of the largest mergers and acquisitions of the past decade, which has given him the skill and experience needed to make the best decisions for the clients he represents. You can connect with him by visiting the Madison County Courier website.

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