Securus Technologies and The Impact of Its Expertise

Securus Technologies has been a leader in the communications industry for a long time. They provide communications for correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement. They currently provide services to over 3,400 of these organizations and over 1.2 million inmates all over North America.


Having a reliable means of communication for inmates to their families on a regular basis means a lot to incarcerated people. It is actually the lifeblood of their existence in many situations. Studies that have been conducted over the past 40 years or so have pointed out that inmates who have firm connections on the outside of prison that they can communicate with often, makes it much better for them when they are released.


This is simply because they become more adapted to life outside of the prison atmosphere because of a steady exposure to it through their contact and relationship with outside people with whom they are close.


Inmates have use of several choices of plans including collect calls, inmate pay, advance pay, and regular monthly pay, the latter two which are usually paid for by family or benefactors. There is also email and voicemail, in case the inmate is away from the phone and there is a money transfer feature as well.


One feature that has both inmates and family in a state of happiness is the video conferencing mode. Prisoners and their family members can communicate as usual and they can see each other as well. It is just like being together physically and it saves the family time and trouble of having to travel to the correctional facility and wait in line for a visiting area.


Securus also does quite a bit of work for communities in the areas of their law enforcement and safety departments. It is important for these entities to be on the same page and have instant communications ability in case of emergencies.


3 Crucial Steps To Prepare For Life Line Screening

It is imperative to take proactive and informed steps towards taking care of one’s health. Life Line Screening is one service that is dedicated to helping as many people take charge of their health. This is by conducting health screening on various health issues such as diabetes, mental conditions as well as all types of cancers and more information click here.

The following are some important factors that can help one to get prepared when planning to visit the Life Line Screening clinics.

What to Eat or Drink

One should not eat any food for at least 12 hours prior the screening. Eating interferes with the testing, and one might not get accurate results if they fail to follow the directive. However, one can take some limited amount of liquids. Only a half cup of coffee or tea is advised and their Facebook.

What to Wear

Most of the screening might involve one having to disrobe. Therefore, for convenience, it is advisable to wear loose-fitting clothes. Women are advised against wearing tight fitting clothes as they will be uncomfortable and might also take them long to change during the screening. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and other types of pieces of jewelry are also discouraged since they might interfere with the working of testing machines. Wear short sleeves that can be easily taken off or unbuttoned. Avoid turtleneck tops on the day of the appointment and learn more about Life Line Screening.

What to Expect

On the appointment day, arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes before time. It will give you time to relax and get accustomed to the environment. This will help to cool down the nerves and Life Line’s lacrosse camp.

The medical health practitioners are friendly and will welcome you warmly. It is encouraged for clients to switch off their cell phones, the practitioners might remind you to do so.

The Benefits

The benefits of getting screened are numerous but some of the most critical include:

  • It helps in early diagnosis of potential illnesses. This helps in treating the conditions early on before they become catastrophic.
  • Helps one to be psychologically at peace knowing that they have taken active steps to ensure that they are healthy. It helps to cool down the anxiety of not knowing whether one is at risk of developing certain illnesses and

Securus Technologies – Meeting the Communication Needs of Inmates Perfectly

One of the companies that are well-known for innovating and modernizing the prison technology and correctional industry is Securus Technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is amongst the top few correctional companies that offer a vast array of products and services for the prisoners as well as the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers are greatly benefitted by the investigative solutions and services it provides, such as Investigation PRO and LBS.


Such services provide information that helps the officers to catch the criminals from their location and see if any mischievous activities are happening inside the jail like drug or gun paddling. Such incidents are quite common, but from the time Securus Technologies has offered its technology, criminals are having a tough time materializing their crimes. The information provided by Securus Technologies is also used by the law enforcement officers as evidence to make their case stronger in the court of justice, making it impossible for the criminals to get away with their actions.


Over a million prisoners in North America rely on Securus Technologies for their communication needs. The inmate communication services of Securus Technologies are known to be highly reliable, economical, and innovative. The services have a very secure network, and the calls do not drop as often it breaks of other service providers as commonly complained by the customers of other inmate communications company. Securus Technologies also helps the inmates to receive or send money with ease from the prison itself through its money transfer service.


The services of Securus Technologies are greatly appreciated by the law enforcement officers across the country. Many of these officers write letters or send an email to the company writing positively about the company and recognizing its services to the law enforcement sectors. Many of these letters were partly published by the company in a news release online to show the world the contributions of the Securus Technologies to the correctional industry.