Kim Dao Enjoys The Shoppes In Berlin

Kim Dao is a lifestyle and beauty blogger on Youtube. She is filming her last day in Berlin. Kim Dao is heading to get some breakfast. She is going to walk around with her cousin afterwards. She has breakfast outside. She records the scenery. Kim Dao tries on some clothes. She gets a healthy meal from dean & david restaurant. They get some food before they board the ship since it is late arriving. They park their car on the ship. Kim Dao is enjoying the scenery on the ship. She buys a lot of snacks. She has a craving for some candy. Kim Dao eats her candy.


They are driving and Kim Dao is eating. They have made it back home. Aslan, which is the dog, received some doggy treats from Kim Dao’s dog back home. He eats some of them. Kim Dao has some dessert. She plays with Aslan for awhile. While in Berlin, Kim Dao purchased a lot of items from Primark. She shows all the things she bought. Most items were clothing pieces. She mostly visited the sites and ate food. The next vlog will be of her going to Amsterdam. Kim Dao ends the vlog so she can edit and upload the video. Learn more:


To see her video, click here.